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Gabriela M. Jiga-Boy

Gabriela M. Jiga-Boy

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I am a stay at home mom who is seeking a career change. Prior to children I worked as a Project Manager in Marketing and Events as mostly related to the arts. Social Psychology deeply interests me and I would love to connect with others in the field especially in the Seattle area. I am currently taking Professor Scott Plous's Social Psychology course on Coursera and am learning quite a lot about the field, about myself and about the world around me.

Primary Interests:

  • Health Psychology
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Motivation, Goal Setting
  • Social Cognition

Journal Articles:

  • Jiga-Boy, G., Clark, A. E., & Semin, G. R. (in press). Situating construal level: The function of abstractness and concreteness in social contexts. Special Issue of Social Cognition on “Situated Social Cognition”.
  • Jiga-Boy, G. M., Clark, A. E., & Semin, G. R. (2010). So much to do and so little time: Effort and perceived temporal distance. Psychological Science, 12, 1811-1817.

Courses Taught:

  • Health psychology
  • Individual differences
  • Writing a practical report

Gabriela M. Jiga-Boy
Department of Psychology
Swansea University
Swansea SA2 8PP
United Kingdom

  • Phone: +44 (0) 1792 513381
  • Fax: +44 (0) 1792 295679

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